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Castle Capers Gang Show continues the proud tradition of Gang Shows in North Staffordshire that started with the famous Screamline in 1934.
The first Castle Capers was in 1974 and has been subsequently put on since every two years. The show was awarded its official Gang Show status in 1980 by none other than Ralph Reader, the originator of the Gang Show. Once a show is an official Gang Show, members of the show can wear the Gang Show red Neckerchief.

A brief History of Castle Capers through the years:

It was in 1974 when the very first Castle Capers show began. An invitation went out to join the cast of a brand new District Scout Show, to be put on by Newcastle-under-Lyme Scout District.
Auditions were held and rehearsals started at the end of the year at Twyford Hall in Newcastle.

Trevor Royall was the first producer of Castle Capers who was assisted by a young Malcolm Lycett.
The first show was at Newcastle College where the entry to the stage was accessed by a narrow spiral staircase, one way up and one way down, as the dressing rooms were under the stage.
Capers was then moved to the Mitchell Memorial Theatre in Henley where there were dressing rooms with lights around the mirrors and plenty of room to get on and off the stage.

Malcolm Lycett then took on the role of producer for Castle Capers, which went from strength to strength.
Since then the producer’s role passed to Dave Plant and Geoff Hall.

In 1980 Castle Capers was assessed for Gang Show status by Ralph Reader, the show successfully earned its red scarf, which the whole team all wear with pride.
In 1998 Castle Capers celebrated 25 years of Gang Show. With Dave Plant producing, Capers proved that the spirit of the show was as strong as it had been for the last 25 years with its largest cast to date.

In 2010, Paul Bailey headed up the production for what seemed to be Castle Capers biggest challenge to date.
The Mitchell Memorial Theatre was close due to renovations until the end of the year. Capers had to find a new home for its 2010 show. Being the only scout show this year to find an alternative venue for their show in 2010, Capers moved to the Science College in Newcastle. The change of venue meant new challenges not just on stage but also for backstage and all other departments. However as you would expect from the Scouts in Newcastle, everyone rose to the challenge.

In 2012 Castle Capers celebrated 80 years of Gang Show and the music of Ralph Reader. Back in the newly refurbished Mitchell Arts Centre in Hanley this would be our 20th show.
The show this year commemorated the Queens Diamond Jubilee, the London Olympics and the 100th anniversary of the fateful journey of the Titanic.

2014 saw our Gang show celebrate its 40th year, its 21st consecutive show. Where did all that time go!!? In those 40 years many things had changed however as always the hard work, dedication, fun and ‘buzz’ that The Gang got from working together were the same they had always been
This show started introduced some new younger faces to the production team, Jay, Amy and Rachel would take the show forward in the coming years.

Preparations and rehearsals for the 2020 show were well in hand when everything got shut down due to the COVID pandemic. Instead a virtual Capers was put together on YouTube, you can see that below.

No show was staged in 2022 due to uncertainties coming out of the pandemic, but in 2024, we’re back for our 50th anniversary!

From the 2024 Show

The 2020 Virtual Show

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